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Indoor Games Section


            Chairman:                                           Stella Utteridge

            Secretary:                                            Mick Baldry

            Captain:                                               Steve Danby

            Vice-Captain:                                       Ivan Squirrell

            Fixtures Secretary:                              Mick Baldry

            League Secretary:                               Stella Utteridge

            Competitions Secretary:                     Julie Spice

            Disc Day Co-ordinator:                       John Adams


            Committee Members:                        P Taylor   

                                                                      S Glazebrook

                                                                      S Wright

                                                                      V Standring

                                                                      J Mackie

                                                                      V Sherwood


            Selectors:                                           1. R Utteridge

                                                                        2. G Ward

                                                                        3. L Coles